Do I have to pay the Damage Waiver charge?

Damage waiver is required on all rentals with the only exception being when the customer has specific insurance coverage for the rental equipment and has provided us with a “Certificate of Insurance” in advance.

Damage waiver will cover accidental damage that may occur while the equipment is being rented. Damage waiver does not cover misuse, abuse, tires, fire or theft.

Is your equipment safe?

Your safety is our #1 concern. We check equipment before and after every rental to assure all safety features are in proper working order. Always wear the appropriate safety gear when using any tools or equipment (safety glasses, hard hats, gloves, steel toe shoes, etc.). Never disable backup alarms, safety shields or other safety features on equipment or tools. AllStar Rentals, Inc. is not responsible for any accident or injury while equipment is in the renter’s possession.

When does my rental time start and stop?

Your rental time starts when the contract is initiated. Your time stops when the equipment is returned and checked in by your sales associate. For Tent rentals, the time period is more “event” oriented. We will take your special circumstances into account and charge accordingly. You are responsible for the time the equipment is in your possession including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, not just time used. Most items have 4 hour, day, week and 28 day rates available.

What size table do I need?

A 4′ round table seats 6 people comfortably.
A 6′ x 30″ rectangular table seats 3 people per side plus one at each end (6 – 8 people).
An 8′ x 30″ rectangular table seat 4 per side plus one at each end (8 – 10 people).

I really like this piece of equipment. Can I buy it?

Yes, AllStar Rentals is always happy to sell our used equipment. The price we quote is based on the age and condition of the item. Generally any rental fees due or paid are not applicable to the purchase price. The sooner you notify us of your desire to purchase something, the better the price.

Can I return an item when Allstar Rentals is closed?

Normally items may not be returned after hours. The only items which may be returned after hours are any exceptions made by management, which can be locked securely. There is no place to safely leave other pieces of equipment. You will be held responsible for any items dropped off after hours and/or not properly checked in by an AllStar employee and subsequently stolen.