Blade, 14″ Wet/Dry

The 4X4 Max Cut delivers fast, precise cuts in concrete, asphalt, stone/brick and steel. The increased segment height from the original 4X4 8.5 mm to10 mm, coupled with a premium diamond and metal bond segment geometry, extends the life of the blade. This new segment configuration added to the anti-crack gullets ensures safe, accurate cuts, time and time again. The stroboscopic depth indicators not only let you know how deep to cut each pass, but they also help the 4X4 Max cut cool.
Rental Time:
  • 1 Day: $28.50
  • 1 Week : $57.01
  • 4 Weeks: $114.00
SKU: 220-15

Product Features

Manufacturer Norton
Model 4x4

Additional wear charges over 5/1000 of an inch.