Pump, 3″ Gas Diaphragm

Commonly referred to as a Mud Hog. "Run Dry" Design - Won't Damage Pump. Perfect for low volume and/or slow seepage applications. Rental does not include hoses. Hoses rented separately.
Rental Time:
  • 4 Hours: $45.60
  • 1 Day: $68.40
  • 1 Week: $205.20
  • 4 Weeks: $478.80
SKU: 210-250

Product Features

Manufacturer Koshin
Model KDP-80HW

•Quiet and reliable Honda 3.5hp overhead valve engine with a “low oil” sensor.
•Straight line flow design is self cleaning; eliminates clogging.
•Pump housing made of lightweight cast aluminum.
•Standard wheel kit provides portability.
•Built to run dry without damage; perfect for areas of slow seepage.
•Oil-filled gear reduction means quiet operation.

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