Surface Grinder, Grind-Sert

The DIAM-A-TACH® Diamond Segment Grinding System offers an innovative solution for a wide variety of surface preparation job applications.
Rental Time:
  • 4 Hours: $83.59
  • 1 Day: $125.41
  • 1 Week: $376.20
  • 4 Weeks: $1,128.60
SKU: 60-170

Product Features

Manufacturer General Tool Company
Model Diam-A-Tach

The formulation allows the same matrix to be used on green concrete, high tensile epoxies, thin-film type floor coverings and fully cured concrete. Delivers balanced material removal rates and service life. This unique feature simplifies the proper matrix selection process and minimizes inventory stocking levels.

The rectangular-shaped, diamond segments have significantly greater thickness when compared to competitive products. Delivers substantially longer service life. The housing is directional marked for proper orientation to eliminate the top layer of tails from being inadvertently removed. Secures tight with a plastic wedge.

Material: Industry standard diamonds

Application: Removal of thin layers of materials without clogging, including adhesives, epoxies, urethanes, paints and concrete.

Hints: Unit are directionally marked to increase diamond tail service life. Normal segment wear: .015 inch per 8 hour day. Single matric formulation for simplicity. Greater diamond segment thickness. Low acquisition cost. Use wet or dry.

Finish: Sanded finish to a polished finished

Service Life: Up to 50,000 square feet. (up to 15 time longer than carbide grinding stones)