Tractor 40HP

They're quick, compact-and anything but basic. The John Deere 4105 Compact Utility Tractor is built for hard work without the hassle, especially when it comes to loading, mowing and yard work. You'll experience standard hydrostatic transmission with no clutching or shifting with the 4105. Plus, the 4105 gives you Twin Touch™ pedals, 4WD and power steering.
Rental Time:
  • 4 Hours: $133.01
  • 1 Day: $199.50
  • 1 Week: $598.50
  • 4 Weeks: $1,596.00
SKU: 250-205

Product Features

Manufacturer John Deere
Model 4044

Two-range hydrostatic transmission (HST) increases tractor performance

The 4105 Tractor is available only with a two-range hydrostatic transmission (HST) that is incorporated in a die-cast aluminum transmission case. Fluid under pressure transmits engine power to the drive wheels via a closed-loop pump and motor arrangement

Sauer-DanfossĀ® provides the integrated pump and motor; this ensures the components are matched to each other, providing maximum efficiency
Reduces powertrain shock loads
Provides strength and durability needed for operating such attachments as loaders

Key features of the engine are:

Economical cast-in-block cylinder design for good cooling and long life
Direct fuel injection Improves starting
Injects fuel directly on top of pistons for more efficient combustion
Develops more horsepower per gallon of fuel than indirect injection engines

Aluminum alloy pistons with built-in steel struts are lightweight to reduce connecting rod bearing loads and provide good heat transfer characteristics Design permits tighter tolerances and neutralizes expansion of the piston, which reduces blow-by and noise from piston slap
Top rings are higher on the piston and a thinner head gasket is used to greatly reduce the volume of unburned waste gases and increase combustion efficiency

Timing gears and injector drive gears have a helical profile to reduce engine noise
Auto-bleed fuel system There is no need to prime the system if the tractor runs out of fuel
The system will self-prime the injection pump, lines and injectors, providing fast fuel recovery for easier starting

High-capacity lubrication system provides filtered oil, under pressure, to all engine bearings for long life
Key start and shutoff eliminates fuel shutoff knob Electric solenoid shuts fuel supply off immediately when key is turned off

Fuel filter with replaceable element
Water separator
See-through coolant recovery tank permits operator to check coolant level without removing radiator cap