Walk Behind Trencher 4WD

Trench Depth: 36" Trench Width: 4"
Rental Time:
  • 4 Hours: $83.59
  • 1 Day: $125.41
  • 1 Week: $501.60
  • 4 Weeks: $1,504.80
SKU: 270-110

Product Features

Minimum rental period 3 hours
Manufacturer Barretto

All hydraulic means no belts, gears, or chains. The hydraulic chain drive motor is attached directly to the head shaft. Maintenance is easy and repairs are minimized. A lower center of gravity provides stability. The outboard bearing is designed to protect the auger shaft from the bending that is sometimes caused by the impact of rocks or other debris when trenching.

The control panel is simple and understandable. The safety clutch engages and disengages the wheel and chain drives. When the clutch is released, the engine continues to run and the controls remain in place, ready for you to resume trenching at any time. Variable speed drive allows the operator to adjust their wheel speed to the soil conditions. The reversible chain drive can be operated manually to dislodge obstructions or debris. The operator can manually unlock the axle with a lever on the control panel for easier turning when transporting.

Be sure that the engine oil, fuel and hydraulic oil are at proper levels before starting the engine.
1. ENGINE IGNITION: Must be in ON position to start the engine. Move to OFF position to stop the engine.
2. ENGINE THROTTLE: The throttle controls engine speed. Trench in REVERSE at full throttle (all the way forward).
3. CLUTCH LEVER: (At left handle grip). Activates GROUND DRIVE and DIGGING CHAIN controls when raised. Stops all motion when released. DIGGING CHAIN control must be HELD in “ON” position as clutch lever is raised, in order to start chain in motion.
4. AXLE: “UNLOCK” position (down) is for maneuvering. “LOCK” position (up) is for digging. UNLOCK allows left wheel to freewheel while right wheel drives.
5. DIGGING CHAIN ON/OFF CONTROL: Starts chain in forward rotation. Hold in “ON” position when clutch lever is engaged.
6. CHAIN FORWARD/REVERSE LEVER; Allows manual operation of chain in forward or reverse rotation to dislodge objects or dig difficult terrain. This control can be used with the Clutch Lever released. To reverse chain, DIGGING CHAIN control must be in “OFF” position.
7. DIGGING BOOM: Raises and lowers the digging boom.
8. GROUND SPEED: Controls wheel speed forward or reverse after clutch lever is engaged.

GETTING STARTED: Start and warm up engine. Drive trencher to starting trench location with AXLE in “UNLOCK” position. Lock axle. Hold DIGGING CHAIN control in “ON” position. With GROUND SPEED control in neutral, pull up CLUTCH LEVER and slowly lower DIGGING BOOM to desired depth. Slowly move GROUND SPEED control in REVERSE direction until desired speed is reached. (Varying soil conditions may require adjustments to ground speed to avoid wheel spin or engine overload.)

FOR HARD TO DIG AREAS or if object (rock or root) gets lodged in chain, release CLUTCH LEVER. This will lock wheels in position. Manually reverse chain with the CHAIN control to dislodge object. Manually run chain forward with CHAIN control to dig through roots or rocky areas. Intermittently activate CLUTCH LEVER to move trencher back a few inches and repeat until hard area is passed. Resume normal operation.