Powder Actuated Fastener

Finish more jobs in less time, without cutting corners or taking risks, made possible by the speed, efficiency, simplicity and reliability of Hilti DX Systems. DX not only keeps vibration, noise and dust to a minimum, it also lets you work more efficiently and more safely, especially overhead or at heights. Must be certified to rent this fastener. Supplies available for purchase.
Rental Time:
  • 4 Hours: $22.80
  • 1 Day: $34.21
  • 1 Week: $102.61
  • 4 Weeks: $239.41
SKU: 35-200

Product Features

Manufacturer Hilti
Model DX A41

Hilti’s line of powder actuated tools offer increased productivity and a high fastening rate. Ruggedly constructed for proven dependability, they delivery accurate fastenings over a large array of applications.

Simple handling sets Hilti direct fastening systems apart when fastening to steel, concrete, sand-lime block and masonry. Contact, trigger and firing safety systems are user and more environmentally-friendly.