Aerator, Split Drive 17″

This Classen TA-17D Split Drive Aerator allows you to aerate in less time to get your job done quickly. Aerating your lawn reduces soil compaction and increases drainage for a healthier lawn. Split Drive Technology allows the left and right tines to be independently operated for steering, turning, and aerating continually without lifting the tines out of the ground to get your job done in less time. Removable weights and a water drum allow for a deeper and more efficient soil puncturing. Operator controls are conveniently located on the handle for easy operation. And a Honda GX120 Engine offers up to 118cc to get all the power you need.
Rental Time:
  • 4 Hours ($30.41)
  • 1 Day ($45.60)
  • 1 Week ($136.80)
  • 4 Weeks ($410.40)
SKU: 120-080

Product Features

Manufacturer Classen
Model TA-17

The better your soil breathes, the more it benefits your plant’s growth. Everything in nature needs oxygen to thrive. Dense, compacted, heavy soils tend to negatively impact oxygen flow. That’s why your soil needs aeration to allow oxygen and vital nutrients to efficiently reach your plants roots. The harder a plant works to accomplish this, the less energy it has for growth and yield.

Aeration is also important for all the following reasons:

Plant and Root Growth: Inadequate oxygen in soil either retards plant growth or causes it to cease completely. Abnormally shaped roots are common in compacted or poorly aerated soil.

Microorganism Population and Activity: Beneficial microorganisms also need air for respiration and metabolism. Important microbial activity such as decomposition of organic matter, nitrification and other vital activities depend on the oxygen present in soil.

Growth of Toxins: Poor aeration results in the development of toxins in your soil.

Water and Nutrient Absorption: Oxygen deficiencies have been found to check nutrient and water absorption in plants.

Disease Development: Insufficient aeration leads to the development of plant diseases.

No matter what else you do, give your soil a breath of fresh air by regular aeration.