Aerator, Stand On

• A stand-on aerator that is three times more productive than a walk-behind aerator • True zero-turn maneuverability at up to 7.4 mph
Rental Time:
  • 4 Hours ($166.67)
  • 1 Day ($250.00)
  • 1 Week ($750.00)
  • 4 Weeks ($2,250.00)

Product Features

Manufacturer Classen
Model SA-30

• Dual Hydro-Gear® ZT3200 transaxles
o Exclusive Hydra-Cool™ System keeps transaxles running cool all day

•Zero-turn agility, 7.4 mph forward/3.5 mph reverse
• Best Quality of Core
o Tighter hole pattern than leading stand-on

o Pulls 10% more cores per sq. ft.

• Unique automatic chain tensioning system eliminates manual adjustment of the drive chain

• Exclusive tine depth stop locks in core depth from 2” to 5”
• Fast tine engagement; simple thumb switch control
o Raise and lower tines 27% faster than leading stand-on

• Shock absorbent and gripped rider platform
•Large 18” Grass Master Tread Drive Tires
o Gentle on turf, tallest on curbs (6” curb clearance)

• Flip-up platform enables stand-on aerator to be used as a walk-behind aerator and decreases amount of space needed on trailers
• Ergonomic controls similar to stand-on mower
• Integrated rear jack stands lift the unit two inches for easy access tine maintenance and cleaning