Drill, 1/2″ Magnetic

This combination unit features the 4203 adjustable position, variable speed base and the 4253-1 1/2in. drill motor. The electromagnetic variable speed adjustable base features solid state electronic switching and an 9in. drill travel. Adjustable position on this base makes lining up the bit easier and faster. All you need is a bit and you are ready to drill into any ferrous material 1/2 in. and thicker.
Rental Time:
  • 4 Hours ($49.40)
  • 1 Day ($74.10)
  • 1 Week ($223.30)
  • 4 Weeks ($453.86)
SKU: 70-35

Features + Benefits
•Includes motor and adjustable position, variable speed base
•For use on any flat ferrous material, 1/2in. and thicker
•7.2 Amp, 600 RPM motor with 1/2in. drill capacity
•Solid state electronic switching
•9in. drill travel
•Motor/magnet lockout prevents de-mag during operation
•Feedback speed control
•Computer-controlled reverse
•Full wave holding power
•9ft. fixed cord