Dump, 6×10

Whether it’s for a small landscaping job, farm use, or for heavy-duty construction purposes, MMDI hydraulic dump trailers will stand up to the job. 2.5 Ton Capacity. 2 5/16" ball required.

Rental Time:
  • 4 Hours ($83.60)
  • 1 Day ($125.41)
  • 1 Week ($376.23)
  • 4 Week ($1,128.69)
SKU: 260-510

Capable of hauling gravel, sand, skid steers, and other heavy loads over even the roughest terrain, SteelPoint dump trailers are designed to perform and built to last. They feature a proprietary low-maintenance power up / power down cylinder, self-latching doors that make loading and unloading safe and reliable, and optional ramps that can be stored under the bed. Designed to be easy to maintain and repair.

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