Floor Stripper

Ergonomic design provided a more pleasant operator experience to increase work stamina and minimize occupational injury. The comfortable operator's handle offers a full-width, tubular constructions that increases leverage and control, while the handle-grip configuration is designed to optimize wrist strength and reduce fatigue. The adjustable handle height caters to operators of any build, helping to prevent lower back strain. Further increasing safety and productivity rates, the Back-Saver blade control system allows adjustment of the blade angle during use. This eliminates having to stop the machine and manually change blade angles or adjust linkages.
Rental Time:
  • 4 Hours ($37.99)
  • 1 Day ($57.01)
  • 1 Week ($171.01)
  • 4 Weeks ($399.00)
SKU: 40-50

Product Features

Manufacturer General
Model Rip-R-Stripper

Rental does not include blade. Blade can be purchased along with rental.