Heater, 30K BTU Propane

This compact (12" x 7" x 9") light weight (14 lbs.) box type heater develops a powerful 30,000 BTU/HR of super efficient heat.
Rental Time:
  • 4 Hours ($11.41)
  • 1 Day ($17.10)
  • 1 Week ($51.30)
  • 4 Weeks ($119.70)
SKU: 100-130

Product Features

Manufacturer MR. Heater
Model MH24T

The high velocity squirrel cage blower thrusts the heated air for over 20 feet (about 3 times further than fan forced air heaters) for better distribution of heated air. This heater will actually heat over 6,000 cu. ft. as rapidly as most 40,00 to 45,000 BTU /HR fan forced air heaters doing it more comfortably and with less fuel. Electronic push button ignition, safety relay to shut off fuel flow in event of electrical interruption, over temperature limiting switch and many other safety and performance features make this heater ideal for shops, garages, party tents, rentals or any oter smaller jobs requiring portable temporary heater. Operates approximately 12 hours from 20 lb. propane tank.