One Man Lift 40′

Genie® AWP™ Super Series aerial work platforms are an industry favorite due to their ease of use, convenience and flexibility. Their lightweight maneuverability and durable design make them a versatile option for a wide variety of rental, light-duty construction and maintenance applications.
Rental Time:
  • 4 Hours ($94.99)
  • 1 Day ($142.50)
  • 1 Week ($356.25)
  • 4 Weeks ($712.50)
SKU: 130-225

Product Features

Manufacturer Genie
Model AWP-40

•User-friendly ground and platform controls with auxiliary platform lowering
•A tilt-back frame allows the AWP-40 to roll through doorways
•Quick set-up and simple to operate
•Durable patented Genie® mast system
•Easy to maneuver around and over obstacles with the Rocker Base System
•Small outrigger footprint for positioning close to walls
•Easy loading and transport in pickup trucks
•Super-Straddle option to work over fixed seating

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